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At X1 we recognize the integral role you play in educating student athletes on topics like micro & macro nutrients, caloric intake, sport specific nutrition, body composition, and of course, sports performance.

We also know that not all nutritional products are created equal and your advanced education puts you in a unique position to evaluate and recommend only the best products to your clients.

X1 Sports Nutrition was founded for our customers and every decision we make is for them. We craft only the highest quality products meant to nourish our customers and optimize performance.

As one of our partners in educating student athletes we want to empower you as dietitians and nutritionists with information and high performance products you can trust are healthy, beneficial, and affordable for your athletes.
We also recognize that not all dietitians & nutritionists have their own reality show, so we developed a private referral program that allows you to make some extra money while providing your student athletes, and their parents, with healthy and nutritious options. Check out the benefits of being an X1 partner below and click the blue button to apply.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer our partners:
  • Absolutely no costs or fees to be an X1 Partner.
  • 30% cash referral reward for every new customer you refer to us.
  • No Inventory, fulfillment, or headaches. We do all the heavy lifting.
  • Custom Partner link to easily track all your referrals online.
  • Customizable promotional email copy.
  • Logos, banners, and other promotional resources.
  • We share your best content on X1 Fuel social media and web channels (videos and images)
  • Credit for any purchase made within 45 days of someone clicking on your link.
  • Bring in 10 new members and we’ll post and promote (with our money) a select piece of your  content.
    • There’s added promotional benefits at 25, 50, and 100 as well.
  • Top performers are invited to become a Content Partner
    • Opportunities for you to highlight your knowledge, training, business as well as outstanding players, people, and performances.
    • We provide co-branded content opportunities for expanded exposure.
    • VIP Invitation to special events

We are always looking for great stories and content (videos or blogs) from our partners. You’ll receive information on the best way to get involved and benefit from the X1 Partner Program via email after you join.

Thanks for all you do!
Brett Relander
X1 Sports Nutrition, LLC