Congratulations! You’ve chosen your ideal supplements to increase athletic performance, build muscle and feel great.


The next step is to maximize your benefits by timing supplementation properly. Since you’re not a fitness expert (yet), guessing at labels isn’t recommended. Thankfully, science has the answer.


Today, we’ll review how to time your supplementation to reach your peak performance every day.

Whey Protein

athletes choose whey protein supplements

Start your day with whey protein.


During sleep, your body is in a catabolic state. Muscle catabolism – aka “muscle wasting” – compromises lean muscle for use as energy.


Break the fast with a fast-acting whey protein shake to avoid unwanted catabolism. Instead of waiting for digestion, initiate the beneficial anabolic state instantly to preserve muscle mass.


Whey protein is also the ideal way to maintain and build muscle.


Supplement with complex carbs and essential amino acids 30-90 minutes before physical activity to boost muscle anabolism and improve performance. Consume whey protein within 30-minutes post-workout to increase amino acid delivery and improve muscle growth during your recovery phase.


improve athletic performance and recovery with Glutamine

Glutamine contributes 60% of amino acids in skeletal muscle.


Supplement with glutamine post-workout to promote muscle gains. Research shows it assists with protein and glycogen synthesis, reducing muscle breakdown and increasing growth hormone.


Studies confirm that glutamine after exercise minimizes muscle soreness and balances the bodily acidity to combat inflammation. Additional glutamine also boosts daily immune function.


Consume a post-workout recovery supplement within 30 minutes of ending your workout for best results.


athletic performance and vitamin supplements

Most vitamins should be consumed with a meal because they’re fat-soluble and require food for absorption.


Vitamin B12 is different. It’s best consumed on an empty stomach and works perfectly within a balanced pre-workout supplement. Pre-workout supplements should be taken 60-90 minutes prior to physical activity to ensure maximal energy.




Because B-12 provides energy to the body via glucose metabolism. Without this, workouts become sluggish. Vitamin B12 is crucial for:

  • Red blood cell creation
  • DNA synthesis
  • Neurological functioning


Vegans and vegetarians are also recommended to supplement with vitamin B12 to sustain high energy.


minerals to look for in sports supplements

For optimal health, a balance of minerals should be consumed during each pre-workout meal.

Magnesium and calcium are especially crucial to performance. Energy production requires calcium to interact with enzymes and then convert amino acids into glucose. Calcium requires magnesium to function.


Unfortunately, 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. This makes magnesium an essential supplement prior to intense physical activity.


Magnesium is effective for improving joint and muscle health, and for accelerating recovery times. Supplementing with it will:


Consume pre-workout supplement minerals 60-90 minutes prior to exercise for optimal performance.


athletes benefit from Glutathione supplements

Glutathione is both a tripeptide protein and a super antioxidant.


For this reason, it’s perfect for athletes both before and after training.


Research shows glutathione reduces muscle fatigue during exercise and enhances performance capability. It also contributes the amino acids glycine, glutamine and cysteine to optimize protein synthesis and build muscle.


After exercise, its antioxidant properties fight free radicals to reduce oxidative stress on the body. Supplementing glutathione:

  • Helps repair damaged cells
  • Accelerates recovery time
  • Promotes ideal immune functioning for everyday athletic performance


Your Turn

You’ve just learned the most effective ways to supplement with leading nutritional ingredients.

When designing your supplementation schedule, remember these guidelines to achieve your best performance – every time.