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Independent Gyms & Health Club Franchisees Wholesale Program

Add $1500+ to your bottom line each month!

You want to stock and sell quality supplements, but can’t buy the volume necessary to make a good profit.

But what if the minimum volume was only 6 units?

What if selling to a fraction of your members could add $1500+ to your bottom line each month?

That’s exactly what the X1 wholesale program for independent gyms and health club franchisees allows you to do.wholesale supplement supplierwholesale supplement supplier

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete and submit the form below.
  2. Once approved, you’ll receive an invitation email, watch a short 2 min video that shows you how quick and easy it is to place wholesale orders on our website, and register using your special link, also provided in the email.
  3. Browse our products, choose your quantities, and checkout.
    1. Wholesale pricing starts at only 6 units per SKU with additional price breaks at 12 and 24.
  4. Wait for your shipment to arrive (usually in 3-4 days) or choose “free local pickup” if you’re close to one of our fulfillment centers.

How to Maximize Sales:

  1. Open a display box of each SKU and sell individual servings at your front/reception desk. We provide suggested retail pricing for both full cartons and individual servings. This will allow a great number of people to try X1 before buying a full carton and will increase overall full carton sales. 
  2. Sell full cartons at your front desk and get your team on board with the products as well.
    1. Consider selling full cartons to staff/trainers at a discount to keep your volume up, price down, and have them as advocates to drive more sales among your members.

It’s that easy to add more revenue and profits to your bottom line while providing quality products to your members.

Up your game and apply now!