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Coaching Clinics & Camps

We can train your team or group in the finer points of rugby, from backline plays through scrumming, whether for

  • Senior Clubs,
  • Colleges and High Schools, or
  • Coaches

Camps for focusing on key skill development and concentrated analysis of groups and individuals. Available to any age group.

Rugby Fitness

DM’s Rugby Fit can give you the individual attention and expertise needed to make dramatic improvements in your condition overall, for rugby (even specific to your position), or other sports.

Rugby Tackling for Football

The rugby tackle is both dramatically safer for both the tackler and the tackled, but also much more effective in the game of football. DM can teach you how to tackle like a world-class rugby player.

Individual Skill Training and Analysis

Whether you’re a forward or a back, DM can provide analysis of your current rugby skill level and create a program tailored to you for significant improvement, including follow-ups to monitor your progress and keep you on track.

Coach & Referee Development

DM’s Rugby Fit gives coaches and referees the opportunity to learn from an international professional player¬†and Rugby World Cup coach the dark arts of the world-class scrumming and all other areas of play.