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Positively Rugby


During my time in New Zealand, I began writing for Last Word on Sports about the community involvement of rugby people and leadership experts with a background or passion for rugby. When I moved back to the USA in 2015, I founded my business, Positively Rugby to promote the values and leadership skills learned from rugby as a global values-based collaborator.
During this time I also established the Boston chapter of The Rugby Business Network, a prestigious network of business executives with a passion for rugby, connecting businesses and their local rugby community. 
As I work on these projects, promoting the goodness of rugby, I’ve been honoured to speak with and meet people at all levels of rugby from around the world. The relationships I’ve established are beneficial to rugby people around the world. I am a listener in rugby, finding out what people are seeking and helping them find it. The world of rugby is very small and there is a unique bond of people willing to help and support each other. 
Positively Rugby is working on an inspirational rugby book, collecting stories from around the world on how rugby has positively impacted people’s lives. Anyone who is involved in rugby has one of these “feel-good” stories about how rugby has changed their life for the better. 
“In rugby, the rules require the ball to be passed back, and a forward pass is illegal. The opposite applies to the real world, where passing it forward (paying it forward), is encouraged. With Positively Rugby, forward passing is allowed. Rugby is a sport that teaches people what it means to be part of a community and has the innate ability to alter lives for the better.”