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Speed. Agility. Conditioning. Mental Toughness.

Currently Available in Allen, TX only.

Summer Session Starts July 1st.

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X1 Training sessions are lead by Certified Personal Trainers with a passion for helping athletes reach their full potential. Training sessions are held throughout the week and all X1 Athletes can attend unlimited sessions. Each session is designed to challenge the athlete both physically and mentally. Here’s what each athlete can expect to achieve through the X1 Training program.

  1. Speed Development: Our certified personal trainers focus on a variety of movements, exercises, and strategies to challenge athletes in each element of speed. Explosiveness, turnover, and top speed are all factors in creating a truly fast athlete.

  2. Agility/Quickness Development: Quickly starting, stoping, and changing direction are all important for athletes competing at the highest levels. The X1 Training system is designed to enhance athlete agility and quickness to help them create separation and/or recover quickly.

  3. Overall Fitness Improvement: Our training sessions are designed to keep the athletes moving and often us a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) approach to both develop their speed and quickness as well as develop their overall conditioning.

  4. Nutrition Education: Proper nutrition is foundational for high performance athletes. When to eat, what to eat, and how to establish a healthy and realistic lifestyle are all important. We work with athletes to guide them in making positive food choices and share easy to implement strategies for success.

  5. Mental Toughness Development: A positive mental attitude, ability to handle adversity, and positive body language have a direct influence on confidence, achievement, and overall happiness. We address these often overlooked variables for student athletes to help prepare them for success in sports and life.

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